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Built for the digital age with timeless appeal, THE+RADIO delivers high-performance AM-FM radio and wireless Bluetooth connectivity in a classic design. It is available in a variety of decor-matching finishes, and can be purchased in a stereo version. 

THE+RADIO features a digital tuner for precise, non-drifting station tuning.



Compact and intuitive to use, THE+RADIO is a Bluetooth AM-FM radio with Bluetooth connection. Elegantly designed in a range of finishes, THE+RADIO will enhance any room with its superior sound and style

In a space-efficient and clean design, THE+RADIO matches a variety of interiors styles and is easily positioned next to the bed, on the desk in a study, in a bathroom, or a kitchen work surface. THE+RADIO is truly the perfect design accessory for the home and office .

THE+RADIO's superior audio design is guaranteed through digital AM-FM radio and easy wireless connection to smart devices. Plug in further audio sources and connect headphones via convenient front-mounted mini-jack connectors. At the rear, a further mini-jack audio input is joined by a 12V power input to allow THE+RADIO to travel in cars and boats

An output is provided on the back for a matching speaker, supplied separately, transforming THE+RADIO from an incomparably elegant mono system to a wider-ranging stereo design. (See "THE+RADIO STEREO" above.)

In many ways and more, you'll find THE+RADIO adds up to more than just a radio.


Easy to use
Just turn on THE+RADIO, rotate the dial and listen to your favorite music! There’s no need to read through an instruction manual – it’s so intuitive and simple to use.

The dial is at the heart of THE+RADIO. Simply turn to find your favorite AM or FM stations with perfect tuning.

Wireless Connectivity
Simply connect your smart devices with wireless Bluetooth.

Stereo Upgradable
Upgrade you’re THE+RADIO to stereo for the perfect high fidelity audio experience. (SEE BELOW.)

Stereo Headphone listening
Play your sound at night through stereo headphones, connecting it to the front stereo jack.

THE+RADIO is tactile and beautiful. We have created it using the most carefully selected, high quality materials, for the perfect finish.

THE+RADIO customer service is second to none. it comes with 2 years warranty and 60 days replacement.

FM tuner
An advanced tuner chip allows THE+RADIO to outperform all other analogue and most digital radios.

The amplifier section is designed to achieve a very smooth frequency response, which rolls off below 60Hz to avoid overloading the driver. The system is engineered for hi-fi quality sound, with enough power to deliver music from FM, phones and tablets, without audible distortion.

Full range driver
We have developed a small but sophisticated full-range long-throw driver, equipped with an ultra-light paper cone and integral dome for the high frequencies. The diameter of the cone helps to achieve a very uniform dispersion across the frequency spectrum. The result is High-performance full-range driver with powerful magnet provides high-fidelity, room enveloping sound.

Power supply
THE+RADIO’s power supply section includes a highly specified transformer, which ensures clear, undistorted bass frequency reproduction.

Cabinet structure
THE+RADIO’s cabinet is made from robust, multi-layer MDF to minimize resonances. It features a rear-firing port designed to avoid air turbulence, while producing strong and clean bass notes.


• Aux input on front for easy mini-jack connection

• LED indicators for accurate station tuning

• Rear port for improved bass performance

• Rear mini-jack input to hide connections

• Rear 12V power input to use on a camper, boat and car

Select Stereo Upgrade

Stereo gives music a more life-like three-dimensional quality that isn’t possible from a single speaker.
Stereo relies on two independent audio channels and your ears to synthesize the spatial cues generated by the original sound source. The audio in each channel contains unique timing and sound pressure information, which your brain combines to ‘triangulate’ the position and dimension of the sound in the space between the speakers.

Stereo listening while compact and stylish.
With a simple connection you can add a second speaker to our systems, restoring the glorious natural dimension of stereo to your music while keeping all the stylish quality of our classic compact design.

2 is better than 1
After decades of stereo evolution, there really is no need to sacrifice the gift of hi-fi sound for simplicity and convenience. With THE+AUDIO you can have both: great sounding stereo and classic, compact, clutter-free design beautifully combined. In an increasingly mono world we’re making a stand for stereo, designed with our incomparable flair. After all, two is always better than one.


21 x 14.5 x 18 cm
8.26 x 5.7 x 7.08 in

2.2 kg
4.8 lbs

Alexander Åhnebrink

Wood, Aluminum, plastic

Wireless Bluetooth and Analog Input

Digital AM/FM radio

This product can be recycled. Take it to a designated point for the disposal of electrical and electronic equipment.

2 year

110/240 volts – 12 volts



We respect our customer’s investment by offering a special warranty and support program for all products.


+AUDIO warrants THE+RADIO / THE+RADIO Bundle against manufacturing defects and workmanship to the initial purchaser for a period of 2-years from purchase date.  +AUDIO will, at their discretion, repair or replace the unit as necessary to restore proper operation. This warranty covers both Parts and Labor for the warranty period. This warranty excludes typical wear and tear on consumable items such as stylus and drive belt. The warranty also excludes physical damage caused by accident or abuse. Proof of purchase is required when applying for warranty service.

The owner may choose to extend the warranty for up to 10-Years by registering the product purchase with +AUDIO within 30 days of purchase. In addition to the standard warranty terms, customers taking advantage of the Extended terms will be entitled to replacement parts at no-charge for 10-years from purchase date. After the initial 2-year warranty period has expired, consumers will only need to pay labor and shipping charges. The same exclusions apply to consumable parts, and parts damaged by abuse in excess of normal wear and tear.

The extended package also includes an option to Refurbish the product to like-new condition at any time within the 10-year period for a total cost not to exceed 30% of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

Refurbished product will be warranted as a “new” product and will include the original 2-year Parts and Labor warranty from date of service.

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